Chiyoda Techunol Corporation

  • Over 54 % share in Japan

    Personal radiation monitoring services

    Personal Dosimetry System

    We provide personal radiation monitoring services for facilities in various industries including healthcare, education and research. We also plan new products and propose services for related businesses. In addition, we have an office near every nuclear power plant in Japan.

  • Extensive product lineup

    Supporting safe use of radiation

    Total Support for Safe Use of Radiation

    Our wide range of products includes equipment for measuring and monitoring radiation; protective equipment that shields workers from radiation; medical equipment, radiation sources, and radioactive material storage containers. We’re the only company in Japan that not only offers a wide range of products for safe radiation use, but also manufactures radiation sources using nuclear reactors and imports and sells radiation sources.

  • Over 50 years of experience

    RI facility design, maintenance
    and decommissioning

    Design/Maintenance/Decommissioning of RI Facilities

    We provide total support for RI (radioisotope) facility design, construction, maintenance, post-completion care, decommissioning and renewal in compliance with strict legal standards and in accordance with customer needs. We also offer various safety assurance services for facilities, including measurement and calibration, inspection of facilities and equipment, and decommissioning services.

  • Over 75 % share in Japan

    Remote High Dose Rate (HDR) afterloading brachytherapy systems

    High Dose Rate Sealed Small Radiation Source Equipment

    Our share of Remote High Dose Rate (HDR) afterloading brachytherapy systems is over 75% in the Japanese healthcare market. We also sell and install various radiotherapy equipment, design and construct facilities associated with its installation, and provide related quality assurance and quality control products. From installation to after-sales care and technical support, we offer various related services.

in Japan

In Japan, we sell various products from major manufacturers around the world. Based on over 50 years of achievements and trustworthy support for the safe use of radiation, we will continue to develop solutions that meet the needs of customers in Japan.

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Product exports Overseas

We were the first company in Japan to provide personal radiation monitoring services and one of the first to use high-quality RPLD (radiophotoluminescence dosimeters) for measurements. In addition to providing services to a wide range of industries, we export various dosimetry systems to companies abroad.

Local support in
22 countries

As a pioneer in RPL (radiophotoluminescence) technology, we currently export and sell our products to customers in 22 countries around the world. We also support product installation, offer local dosimetry system operation training, and provide periodic inspections upon request.

Transactions of Products for Overseas