Chiyoda Techunol Corporation


Domestic Business Dosimetry Service

Dosimetry services that prioritize customer safety

“Using Radiation Safety Technology to Create Safety for People and the Planet.” Based on this corporate philosophy, we are developing personal radiation monitoring services that use high-precision personal dosimeter “glass badges” to achieve zero radiation dose for our customers engaged in radiation work.

Personal Radiation Monitoring Service

  • In Japan, we provide personal radiation monitoring service using glass badges to radiation-handling facilities and have a market share exceeding 54%.

  • The Radiation Monitoring Center (RMC) sends and receives glass badges, measures doses, and sends result reports.

  • Radiation Monitoring Center (RMC)

  • We are engaged in sales activities such as planning new products related to other businesses and proposing services through our personal radiation monitoring service.

  • Our personal radiation monitoring services have been accredited by a third-party organization in the field of radiation monitoring.

Product Examples * Only available in Japan

  • 3mm dose equivalent dosimeter

    3mm dose equivalent dosimeter

  • Glass badges

    Glass badges

  • Glass rings

    Glass rings