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Domestic Business Radiation Therapy Field

Therapeutic equipment, radiotherapy planning equipment, and QA and QC products

In the radiation therapy field, we mainly provide therapeutic equipment for remote afterloading brachytherapy, planning equipment, and related QA and QC products. We also apply our experience and knowledge accumulated over many years in radiation safety technology to the field of radiation therapy. Not only do we sell products, but we also provide useful information and operational support to our customers, contributing to our comprehensive capabilities as a one-stop shop for radiotherapy.

About Our Customers

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    University Hospitals

Handling of Radiotherapy Equipment

  • We handle therapeutic equipment necessary for remote afterloading brachytherapy, treatment planning equipment, equipment for stereotactic radiation therapy, and QA and QC products (such as dosimeters and phantoms) used for quality control of these products. In particular, the market share of our High Dose Rate Remote Afterloading System exceeds 75% in Japan.

  • In addition to sales, we also provide technical aftercare and support to various government agencies such as by preparing applications for the installation of treatment equipment, responding to problems after sales, providing periodic inspections, and replacing radiation sources.

Other Products

  • We also handle gold markers for efficient and accurate delivery of radiation in external beam radiotherapy and applicator placement training phantoms for high dose rate brachytherapy machines.

Product Examples * Only available in Japan

  • Remote after loading brachytheraphy system

    Remote after loading brachytherapy system

  • Radiosurgery system

    Radiosurgery system

  • Radiation therapy gold marker

    Radiation therapy
    gold marker

  • Standard imaging products

    Standard imaging products