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Radiation safety support based on years of expertise and achievements

Our support covers a broad range of areas for customers with radioisotope (RI) use facilities. We ensure safety and security by utilizing radiation safety technology, expertise and achievements we honed over many years.

About Our Customers

Radiation Users

  • Hospitals


  • Universities


  • Research institutes

    Research institutes

  • Factories


  • Private companies

    Private companies

About Our Business

  • We handle a wide range of products that are necessary when using radiation, such as radiation measurement instruments, shielding and safety handling equipment, and instruments and RI protection accessories for facilities such as hospitals and laboratories.

  • We comprehensively design and construct facilities that use radiation in accordance with strict facility standards to meet customers’ operational objectives. After-sales care is also provided after delivery.

  • We provide a wide range of support to ensure the safety of facilities using radiation. For example, we measure the working environment using the radiation measurement instruments sold by our company, perform various measurement services, calibrate survey meters and other devices, inspect facilities and facility equipment, and decommission facilities.

  • Our calibration facilities that calibrate survey meters, ion chamber survey meters, personal dosimeters, etc. are international MRA certified. We can also issue calibration certificates with an accreditation symbol valid in countries that are members of the Mutual Recognition Arrangement.

  • We handle Ir-192 sources for non-destructive testing (NDT) and Au-198 sources and Ir-192 hairpins for therapeutic treatment. In addition, we import and sell radiation sources that cannot be produced in Japan.

Product Examples * Only available in Japan

  • Radiation measurement instruments

    Radiation measurement

  • Radiation sources

    Radiation sources

  • Protective glasses

    Protective glasses

  • Protective apron

    Protective apron