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Clinical Dosimetry System – Dose Ace

Clinical Dosimetry System - Dose Ace

Dose Ace is a system consisting of a small RPLD and a dedicated reader developed to accurately determine the dose of medical radiation.


  • The advantages of glass enable accurate measurement.

  • The glass dosimeter is small and can be attached to existing phantoms.

  • A high dose option allows measurements up to 100 Gy (SV)

  • It can read 20 glass elements in a row, realizing high throughput*

  • Reading within 6 seconds per element (1 repeated reading in 20 laser pulses)


Measured radiation typePhotons
Measured energy range15 keV – 20 MeV
Measured dose range10 μ Gy (SV) – 10 Gy (SV) in standard mode
1 Gy (SV) – 100 Gy (SV) in high-dose mode (option)
Dose reproducibilityWithin 5% at 100 μ Gy
Within 2% at 1 mGy
Dose linearityWithin 5% (0.1 mGy – 10 Gy)*
* Periodic inspection required. Annual inspection recommended.
Automatic calibration functionA dose conversion coefficient is obtained by reading a standard dosimeter* of known dose.
Up to 4 settings can be saved.
* We only sell the standard dosimeter (Cs-137).


Clinical Dosimetry System - Dose Ace
Clinical Dosimetry System - Dose Ace

Dosimeter GD-300 series


Waterproof holder and dedicated ID barcode reader


Annealing magazine / annealing tray

The annealing magazine has a capacity of 100 pieces, but must be handled with tweezers. The annealing tray has a capacity of 20 pieces, but by superimposing it on the reading magazine, the glass element can easily be moved.

How to order

1 Do you want to measure over 500 Gy?

When you first purchase the Dose Ace Reader (FGD-1000SE), you will receive the following:
Please indicate if you want to add the high dose option that allows measurements up to 100 Gy (SV)

Set items (on first purchase)

  • Reader

  • Control PC (including monitor, mouse, keyboard and cable)

  • Standard reading magazine

  • Preheat tray

  • Tweezers

  • Standard dosimeter (Cs-137)

2 Choose a container for annealing

For annealing (resetting dosimetry information), we provide an electric furnace with CE marking. Please let us know which you wish to purchase the annealing magazine (capacity: 100 pieces) or an annealing tray (capacity: 20 pieces) for accommodating the glass elements.

3 Choose the type of dosimeter (GD-300 series)

Dosimeters (GD-300 series) are sold in sets of 20. Please indicate how many of each you would like based on the size of the glass element and the function of the holder.

GD-301 (green)
Glass element size: φ 1.5 x 8.5 mm
GD-351 (blue)
Glass element size: φ 1.5 x 8.5 mm, Holder: Built-in Sn filter for low energy *
GD-302M (pink)
Glass element size: φ 1.5 x 12 mm (stamped 3-digit ID)
GD-352M (yellow)
Glass element size: φ 1.5 x 12 mm (engraved 3-digit ID)
Holder: Built-in Sn filter for low energy*
Waterproof holder type
Glass element size: φ 1.5 x 12 mm (engraved 3-digit ID); The holder is also available separately.

*Built-in Sn filter (GD-351, GD-352M) cannot be used with high dose option.

holderGlass elementStandardFor low energy useWaterproof type
φ 1.5 x 8.5 mm
(No ID)
GD-301 (green)GD-351 (blue)
φ 1.5 x 12 mm
(engraved 3-digit ID).
GD-302M (pink)GD-352M (yellow)Water proof (black)

4 Would you like to make ID reading comfortable with a special barcode reader for the waterproof holder?

A special barcode reader is available for the waterproof holder. When connected to the control PC, it can read the waterproof holder’s ID.

5 Need more reading magazines?

Do you require any additional reading magazines?


Regular inspection service is also available. During the periodic inspection service, the engineer will clean and replace consumable parts of the reader, check the following items, and ensure that dosimetry specifications are satisfied. After the inspection, we issue an inspection report. Annual periodic inspections are recommended to confirm the health of the system.

Check Items

  • Optical axis of the excitation laser beam

  • Dose linearity

  • Dose reproducibility

  • Continuous read time


  • Quality assurance of clinical radiology

  • Dosimetry audit (Reference: ISO 22127:2019)


Characterization of three solid state dosimetry systems for use in high energy photon dosimetry audits in radiotherapy (2017):