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Environmental Monitoring System

Environmental Monitoring System

The environmental monitoring system can evaluate the cumulative dose around nuclear and radiation facilities, and is used for estimating ambient doses and assessing the impact on the surrounding environment.


  • The advantages of glass enable accurate measurement.

  • The passive dosimeter does not require a connected power supply. No data loss due to power loss.

  • Up to 999 continuous readings (maximum storage capacity of dosimeters is 20, so they must be added manually each time)


Measured radiation typePhotons
Measured energy range20 keV – 3 MeV
Measured dose range10 μ Gy (SV) – 10 Gy (SV)
Dose reproducibilityWithin 5% at 100 μ Gy
Within 2% at 1 mGy
Dose linearityWithin 5% (0.1 mGy – 10 Gy)*
* Periodic inspection required. Annual inspection recommended.
Automatic calibration functionDose conversion coefficient is obtained by reading standard dosimeters* of known dose.
*We sell only standard dosimeters (Cs-137).
Reader size400(W) x 570(D) x 415(H) mm
Reader weight35 kg


  • Environmental measurements (around nuclear and radiation facilities)