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Dosimetry Equipment

Neutron Dosimetry – WNP System

Personal Monitoring System

The dosimeter holder is equipped with two types of radiators and converters to detect neutrons with a wide range of energies, from thermal neutrons to fast neutrons, and perform dose calculations for each. 

Personal Monitoring System


  • Measurement of neutrons over a wide range of energies (from thermal neutrons to fast neutrons): Accurate dosimetry is possible in fields where the neutron energy spectrum is unknown.

  • During pre-shipment inspection at our company, we conduct sample inspections of background noise and sensitivity for every 360-detector lot to ensure detectors of stable quality are supplied.

  • An efficient etching device* capable of processing 300 detectors in approximately two hours

    * A potassium hydroxide solution is used for the etching process. It will need to be prepared in accordance with the laws and regulations of each country.

  • High-speed imaging with microscope reader (40 fields of view per element in 1 minute)

  • Automatic etch pit analysis using multi-layer imaging combines with the low background noise of TechnoTrak 2 to realize highly accurate etch pit detection.


Measured radiation typeNeutron (no photon)
Measured energy range0.025 eV – 15 MeV
Measured dose rangeFast neutrons: 0.1 – 60 mSv
Thermal neutrons: 0.1 – 8 mSv
Microscope readerDimensions: 884(W) x 805(D) x 800(H) mm
Weight: 115 kg


  • Neutron Personal Dose Measurement