Monitoring Service for the General Public

CHIYODA TECHNOLJoint development with the National
Institute of Advanced Industrial
Science and Technology (AIST)

D-Shuttle DosimeterD-Shuttle Dosemeter
Light and compact dosemeter designed to
detect gamma rays.
You can self-check the dose anytime.
Low battery

FEATURES of  D-Shuttle

Low battery consumption

Up to one-year operation without battery exchange.
After one year of usage, we exchange the battery,inspect the system, and submit a measurement report (paid service).

Handy Indicator

Handy IndicatorThe indicator allows easy checking of the dose (Total dose and previous day's dose)

Effective Workstation

Effective WorkstationHourly dose can be checked graphically on the PC display.



Personal cumulative dosemeter (D-shuttle main unit)
Scope of radiation Gamma ray
Calibration Cs-137-ray
Detector Semiconductor
Erroneous detection
prevention function
Equipped with erroneous detection prevention function using shock sensor
Measurement range 0.1 μSv to 99.9999 mSv (total cumulative dose)
Dose rate linearity ≦ ±10 % (2 μSv/h to 3 mSv/h)
Alarm LED blinking in high dose environment
Recording Dose record per hour
Power supply Coin type lithium battery (CR2450)
Battery life Approximately one year (viewing digital readout twice daily)
Measurement record display  Option 1: Download the data to the dedicated PC to display the measurement record.
Option 2: Insert the dosemeter into the accessory indicator to display the record.
Size / weight Approximately 68 mm x 32 mm x 14 mm / 23 grams
Factory setting Dose set to "0" when shipping

Handy Indicator

Size / weight Approximately 68 mm x 44 mm x 37 mm / 50 grams
Power supply Button battery
Display values  Total cumulative dose, number of days, and
cumulative dose readout of the previous day

Effective Workstation

Dedicated workstation
Function  Downloading the recorded data, resetting the dose record
Connection method with dosemeter  Optical and wireless connections
Display values 
  • Total cumulative dose (number of days) and average dose rate
  • Dose trend graph over the last 24 hours
  • Dose trend graph over the last 7 days
  • Monthly cumulative dose, and the trend graph
  • Daily cumulative dose, and the trend graph for one month
  • Hourly dose and the trend graph

Note: Specifications are subject to change without notice for improvement.

Where to place a dedicated PC:

Where to place a dedicated PC:If a dedicated PC is placed in a public area, local users can access and print the data at their convenience.


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