Environmental Monitoring

Our environmental monitoring system features a wide RPL glass surface to cover an extensive dose range of gamma rays, X-rays, and synchrotron radiation.


  • To monitor Gamma-ray around nuclear power plants
  • To measure X-ray in the hospitals
  • Air-absorbed dose monitoring on the border of controlled areas

Environmental Monitoring

Reader Specification

Model FGD-201 / FGD-202 *)
Indication Range 1 μGy to 10 Gy ( 1 μSv to 10 Sv)
Reading Reproducibility


5% or less (Cs-γ 0.1mGy)
2% or less (Cs-γ 1 mGy)
1% or less (Cs-γ 10 mGy)
I D Reading Automatic
Readout Time 10 seconds or less / 1 dosemeter
Continuous Reading 20 dosemeters
  • Dose calibration using standard irradiated glass
  • Automatic correction by internal calibration glass
Data Storage Capacity 50,000 data
ndicated Items Dosemeter I D, Element I D, Date and Time,Initial reading,
Cumulative(period) value,Parameters, Error
Controller Notebook type computer
Dimension (Main Unit) 400(W)×570(D)×415(H) mm
Weight (Main Unit) Approx. 35kg

Dosemeter Specification

Model SC-1
Measuring Range Photon : 20 keV to 3 MeV
10μGy to 10 Gy
( 10μSv to 10 Sv)
Sensitivity Variation Cv 4.5 % or less (Cs-γ 200μGy)
Energy Dependency Within±20 % (32keV to 1.25MeV)
Dimension 30×40×9 mm
Weight Approx. 15 g

Structure of SC-1 Dosemeters

 Structure of SC-1 Dosemeters

Technical Data

 Technical Data


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