Small element in-vivo dosimetry system for radiotherapy
Dose Ace

Excellent small RPL glass element using a new manufacturing process has evolved a new sophisticated radiation dosimetry system.

Dose Ace

- Compact radiophotoluminescence (RPL) glass element replacing thermoluminescent dosemeter (TLD) material

- Radiation dosimetry revolution brought by the new material.

- New material meets all the requirements for dosemeter including high accuracy and low readout cost.

- New dosemeter is free from conventional problems with TLD such as complicated handling, damage and toxicity.


  • RPL glass element supports an unlimited number of repeated readouts. The reading process is non-destructive contrary to the destructive readout process used in TLD.
  • Homogeneous composition of RPL glass element ensures stable dosimetry.
  • Measurement accuracy is ensured across a wide dose range.
  • Simulation and quality assurance of radiotherapy and diagnostic procedure are easier due to non-destructive automatic readout procedure and results available immediately after testing.
  • Speedy readout process: Up to 20 measurements can be continuously read out in a fully automated process with results immediately available via connected PC for further analysis.



RPL glass dosemeters are stable, accurate, and reliable - suitable for a wide range of applications.

  • Verification of delivered dose in radiotherapy and diagnostic imaging using phantom simulation
  • Studies using small animal irradiation experiments
  • Quality assurance of photon (gamma ray and X-ray) irradiation
  • Compact glass allows accurate localized measurement of dose distribution


Item Specifications
Dosemeter element Model & glass element dimensions GD-301 φ1.5×8.5 mm
GD-302M φ1.5×12 mm (with ID)
GD-351 φ1.5×8.5 mm (with filter)
GD-352M φ1.5×12 mm (with ID and filter)
Weight Several tens of mg
Measuring range Photon (gamma ray & X-ray)
10 μGy (Sv) to 10 Gy (Sv)
[to 500 Gy (Sv) by option]
Display value unit Gy (Sv)
Display value range 1μGy (Sv) to 10 Gy (Sv)
[to 500 Gy (Sv) by option]
Reproducibility Coefficient of variation
5 % or less (at 100 μGy)
2 % or less (at 1 mGy)
Continuous reading 20 glass elements
Read-out time 6 seconds or less / element
Calibration technique Dose calibration is automatically performed with the standard irradiation glass
element and the sensitivity calibration with the internal calibration glass element.
Power supply 100, 115, 220 & 240 AC (50/60Hz)
Power consumption Max. 200 W

Note: Specifications are subject to change without notice for improvement.


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