Neutron dosemeter for individual monitoring
Neutron Personal Dosimetry System

Wide-range Neutron Pit (WNP) is our original neutron dosemeter system.
The dosemeter consists of TechnoTrak2 (TT2) detector and WNP holder.
Two kinds of filters, radiator and converter are built into WNP holder, and enable to mesure wide-range energy of neutron, namely fast to thermal neutrons.
High Density Poly Ethylene (HDPE) and Boron Nitride (BN) are used for the radiator and converter, respectively.
In addition, we suggest the efficient etching method and high accuracy microscope reader.
The WNP System was developed based on CTC dosimetry service which meets ISO 21909-1.

TLS-1000 Reader

Automated separation between etch pit and dust

Conventionally, dusts are distinguished from etch pits by human eyes, entailing human errors. Now, dusts are automatically excluded based on more accurate determination by the application algorithm.

Automatically eliminate the adhered dust


DetectorTechnoTrak2(TT2) 360 detectors/sheet
8.5mmx19mm with ID number
HolderWNP Holder
Radiator: High Density Poly Ethylene (HDPE)
Converter: Boron Nitride (BN)
Size: W11.5xD22xH3.5mm(see drawing left)
Energy rangeNeutron: 0.025 eV to 15 MeV
Dose rangeFast neutron: 0.1 mSv to 60 mSv
Thermal neutron: 0.1 mSv to 8 mSv
Neutron sensitivity
1240 ± 30(1σ) etch-pits/cm2/mSv (with HDPE)
Background noise20 ± 20(1σ) etch-pits/cm2
ID1 alphabet and 4 digits number
Dissolution0.550 μm/pixel
Viewing field1.268 mm2 (1.126 mm x 1.126 mm)
Auto focusContrast mode/Surface detection mode
ID readingAutomatic ID recognition unit
Readout timeIt can measure 100 TT2 detectors within 2 hours successively.
Continuous reading100 detectors
Analysis functionPitFit2 can present the distribution chart of pit.
Power supply200-240 V 50/60Hz, Power Consumption 500 VA or less
Power consumptionMax. 500 W
Dimentions/weight (excluding PC unit)W884 x D805 x H800 mm, 115 kg
ImagingMulti-layer imaging : Automatical recognition of adhered dusts in the image


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